ICDT Announces a Call for Applications for its Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership


The International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT) supported by the International Visegrad Fund invites applicants from Ukraine for the Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership to be held in Kyiv, Budapest and Warsaw
The program is elaborated by the ICDT in cooperation with Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia from Bratislava, Diplomatic Academy Prague, European Academy of Diplomacy from Warsaw and the International Centre for Policy Studies from Kyiv. It is designed to provide a unique opportunity for Ukrainian aspiring politicians to acquire and improve all the skills needed to become successful democratic political leaders. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is designed in a tailor-made way, addressing the needs of the participants, while providing a complete skills development toolkit. Its main aim is to support the democratic transition of Ukraine by sharing the experience of the Visegrad Group countries. The Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership seeks to educate, connect and inspire Ukraine’s future leaders to pursue and promote civic engagement and to use the thus acquired skills to bring about positive change in Ukraine.

The ICDT invites applicants with strong democratic principles from various backgrounds, such as the civil society sector, media, independent activists, or graduate students from relevant academic disciplines, to apply for our multi-country studies program. The studies modules (leadership skills development training in Kyiv, study trip in Budapest and second study trip in Warsaw) will be held in Kyiv, Budapest and Warsaw, all of them having English as working language. Each of the modules are focusing on key distinct training activities, complementing each-other for establishing a complete skills development program. The participants will be expected to attend all three modules. Upon completion, each of the participants will receive certificates of attendance and fulfillment of all required assignments.

The dates of the program are as follows: in Kyiv from the 12 to 15th of May, in Budapestfrom the 14 to 16th of September and in Warsaw from the 12 to 14th of October.

All costs (travel, board, accommodation) incurring during the activities will be covered by the organizers, through the generous funding provided by the International Visegrad Fund. There is no participation fee incurred.

For further information and the eligibility criteria please download the Call for Applications below:


ICDT Announces a Call for Applications for its Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership: Один комментарий

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